March 20, 2008

i just caught some asians sleeping in the library. so i punched them in their faces and yelled (in asian) "WAKE UP YOU LAZY ASIANS". justice was served. cold and nutritious. like a lardsicle.

Note: i'm really a peaceful wee quite mouse, and very politically correct.

back to blogland

well we all know now that myspace isn't cool anymore. poor myspace. the price it pays for fame. and facebook is great for social networking, but really about the same as going to pint night. with a few foreign exchange students from a few years ago. now this actual blog website shit. that's where it's at.

i had a big rant all prepared before but now i need to pee and i'm starting to feel guilty about being a filthy layabout. my shoes smell like junkies, the unfortunate aftermath of spilling booze and juice all over socks at camp and going sockless for a few days of dirty grinding. and so many korg micros. korg micro. korg microooooooooooooo. i even played two. not at the same time though. that would just be silly.

but if you want camp stories i'm the most useless. all i remember is dancing, batriderrrrrrrrrrr, chick from batrider rolling me cigarette (whoa baby, totally in), smoking chinese cigars with onanon, boozemelon, boozemelon, boozmelun, booosmalluuuun, falling down a ditch, leaping off the stage at zombie party and NOT hurting myself. but my memories are obscured by large flashes of JAGERMEISTER and VOCODER and NEON and KOOOOOOOOOOORG MICROOOOOOOOOOOO. phwoar.

so well yes if you've stumbled upon this for the first time, hello i'm Hope Cruel-Unusual, average, average, average, english student, local dj, (nobody's listening really, or at least that's what i like to believe), musician/noisemaker (i interviewed the bathroom taps through a delay pedal. fulfilling), foul mouthed often drunk rapscallion. swinging between please for the love of god shut the hell up and complete bore. but not often right in the middle.

listen to the growlers. or die.

until next time...