July 18, 2009

is craphole taken?


this is a facebook group called "the DCC has lost the plot. join it, or don't join it and just read what it's about.

January 11, 2009


oh gidday there mate. howya doin.

so it's 2009 eh. jeepers. that happened awfully quickly. spent a jolly old christmas with the fambly up in auckland, even got the pleasure of playing christmas carols at midnight mass with the wholesome family band (me, dad on drums, 2 cousins, 1 aunty, 1 uncle) and thankfully got through it with margarita mix and gin (my little brother made me do it, i swear). won a brutal battle with a combination of heatstroke, a dash of food poisoning and a bit of a bad back the day after boxing day. so much for family funtimes.

northland, however, was a much more pleasant experience. apart from the ever-present oyster shells in the whangaroa harbour. caught many a fish.

had a fantastic night out, thai and getting wastey down ponsonby road with ogreman and no-face and crew. got home tuesday and have moved into a lovely house in opoho, the city had annoying beeps and a fucking street cleany machine. up here there's only really the occasional dog barking.
getting to lord it over the valley by being at the top of the hill is pretty awesome.

woohoo right this minute it's bitchin to be me. i now have a small patch of backyard and am managing quite well without a television. ooh neko case is releasing a new album (amy alerted me through her blog (http://honkytonklagoon.blogspot.com) ) and the cover especially is bitchin'

also, black lips will be releasing something in teh futures.
check out here at gorillavsbear.net for a wee d-l of the new song.
ees good.

have you ever played dungeons and dragons? or goldenaxe? or snow bros? fuck i have been playing a lot of old games on my new mame emulator i got installed. had to convert from windows vista to linux to get it. i recommend you try a mame emulator, those things are fuckin DOPE. and so is linux.

anyway anyway anyway. just tried to find out how to get a screen shot of how bitchin goldenaxe is but instead ubuntu apologised profusely for not being able to do it. on the page it had this message
Help stomp Ubuntu bugs at the Global Bug Jam taking place February 20th - 22nd.

global bug jam! oh well. still love you though, ubuntu.

right i must now away to the land of watching movies. and maybe i will draw a picture.

October 2, 2008

new bloggery

hey, i'm putting up the playlists and interviews and shit for the newfangled on another blog, the new fangle. so yeah. that's where it all is. HURRAH!

September 30, 2008

Big Gay Out. LOL.

so, it's that time again, and the first BDO announcement is upon us. here tis:

Neil Young
The Prodigy
Arctic Monkeys
My Morning Jacket
The Ting Tings
Bullet For My Valentine
TV On The Radio
Simian Mobile Disco
The Living End
Sneaky Sound System (i thought these people were dead...)
Tiki Taane
Headless Chickens
Elemeno P (hopefully they'll play all ten versions of that telecom ad song, love that shit)
Luger Boa
The Black Seeds (get your barbecue reggae on)
Cobra Khan
Nesian Mystik (as many smokers as possible at the front of the stage for that one, please)
The Datsuns
Ladi 6
The Naked and Famous

Hopefully it will get better rather than worse with the other announcements, it could only possibly get better, right? If I just imagine that the only people there are Neil Young, Simian Mobile Disco, TV On The Radio and The Naked and Famous, I'm quite excited.

But just WHY do the Ting Tings have to come? God damn it, i just hate them so much. Yes, i know, hate is a very stron word, and hate leads to anger, anger leads to the dark side etc but i'm borderline assassination attempt on their asses. That was a joke, i ain't no killah.
My mum likes the Ting Tings, she'll probably want to come. I want to motherfuckin raveraverave to Simian Mobile Disco. Damn straight.

September 27, 2008


go forth and download awesomeness. then buy some vivian girls anyway.
Where Do You Run To and Tell The World-----

and this one too, a cover of a daisy chain song (that's also a euphemism for group sex involving more than three people)

mmm, metronomy remix of lykke li's i'm good i'm gone

and some Hatebeak

i think that's it for now.

yee har.

i think Onanon + Ed Gains should make a children's TV show. it would rule.
chick's hotel was fairly awesome last night, a sweet little jaunt out to the port. if only S-C didn't turn up EVERYWHERE and give the general vibe of ruin. i have enough general vibe of ruin as it is. now the task of finding something to hold my attention span this evening. rampageous behaviour is probably on the cards.
Lucky Dragons are playing at backstage tomorrow night, you should head along since they ruuuule. http://profile.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=user.viewprofile&friendid=18589262 if you wanna check that shit out.