September 30, 2008

Big Gay Out. LOL.

so, it's that time again, and the first BDO announcement is upon us. here tis:

Neil Young
The Prodigy
Arctic Monkeys
My Morning Jacket
The Ting Tings
Bullet For My Valentine
TV On The Radio
Simian Mobile Disco
The Living End
Sneaky Sound System (i thought these people were dead...)
Tiki Taane
Headless Chickens
Elemeno P (hopefully they'll play all ten versions of that telecom ad song, love that shit)
Luger Boa
The Black Seeds (get your barbecue reggae on)
Cobra Khan
Nesian Mystik (as many smokers as possible at the front of the stage for that one, please)
The Datsuns
Ladi 6
The Naked and Famous

Hopefully it will get better rather than worse with the other announcements, it could only possibly get better, right? If I just imagine that the only people there are Neil Young, Simian Mobile Disco, TV On The Radio and The Naked and Famous, I'm quite excited.

But just WHY do the Ting Tings have to come? God damn it, i just hate them so much. Yes, i know, hate is a very stron word, and hate leads to anger, anger leads to the dark side etc but i'm borderline assassination attempt on their asses. That was a joke, i ain't no killah.
My mum likes the Ting Tings, she'll probably want to come. I want to motherfuckin raveraverave to Simian Mobile Disco. Damn straight.

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