July 20, 2008

pragmatic solutions for modern living (a tribute to S. Grover)

So, I've been chilling with Matthew McConnaughey of late. That barrel-chested hunk of spunk. I think if we were all more like Matthew, the world would be a better place. Here's some tips on how to live a better life.
1. Wake up. Smoke bong (naked).
2. Play some motherfuckin' bongos (naked still).
3. Pump some iron.
4. Don hawaiian shirt and board shorts. If cold (e.g. shooting romantic comedy in Alaska), wear thermals underneath. ESPECIALLY long johns.
5. Continue to go about the day in a charming, carefree manner, punctuated by the occasional bong and bongo.

i've run out of tips. that's the long and short of it.
onto a different topic. i've moved into the city of late, not quite sure if the unadulterated rage is going to increase or decrease due to the shift. i'm hoping decrease. not having to freeze all the time from the valley chill is quite pleasant. also, i've started work at radio one, which means my life is once again filled with menial office tasks, but with this job I get to look down upon the common man with disdain from the balcony. w00t. Still chugging along with the university business, at a slow pace but chugging nonetheless.
Have been drawing comics, or at least attempting to. I'll post some when I'm near a scanner. PROMISE.
attention span is running out and hangover is setting in. UGH to white wine and cigarettes. both are bad, and super bad when combined. need better adjective than bad. i'm just way too alty to care right now. like. O. M. G.

right, i'm off to smash some holes in some box.