May 10, 2008

quarter-life crisis

well, not really. i mean, if this is a quarter life crisis, then i'm probably only going to live til 79 and a bit. is that a respectable age to die? actually with my road-crossing skills, i'll be lucky to make it to 20.
this virtual thing is getting to be more and more like real life, now that EVERYONE has a myspace/facebook/boringasssocialnetworkingsite, those of us who care about blog writing have about as much chance of having ours read as that dumb emo slut across the road who gives her opinion of the new panic at the disco album and how quirky/zany/alt it makes her feel. oh god, it's stuck in my head now. killllll.
on a lighter note, what i was blogging about was to say that everyone should do some spots and watch the muppets movie. the one from the late 70s. magical, i can't belive the muppets are intended for kids.
might start putting some dumb cartoons up here, once they're finished.
also, the first ingrates gig is next wednesday. i advise you come. or i'll cut the brakes in your car, chop off your ponytail while you're sleeping etc.
time to do radio! laters, fattycakes.